Who we are

The Cherche Susan team

At Cherche Susan, we consider recruitment consulting as a challenge to find the right solution and build the best teams without ever forgetting the essential: People.



We operate in a sector that currently represents a major challenge for a company. In addition to being complex, recruitment is facing a tight market where candidates are in great demand. You have to know how to renew yourself and evolve in an environment in full transition where new jobs emerge daily.

We are eager for challenges, which make us love our profession. We see ourselves as bridge builders between inspiring men and women.

Moreover, we find solutions that enrich and strengthen the teams. Each assignment is seen as a challenge that we meet thanks to three key principles: consulting, rapid response and premium service.

We believe that a candidate should be guided from the beginning to the end of the recruitment process; showing them the place they have in their future history.

We believe that in order to recruit well, candidates must be seen as a new life force for the company: one that will drive it forward and live up to its values.


Your Interlocutors

In 2003, the founding trio of Cherche Susan decided to go into business for themselves. After a successful career in private companies, agencies and recruitment agencies, the creation of a direct search firm for position they had already fulfilled was quite logical.

Cherche Susan is a company of a human scale, entirely dedicated to the success of its missions, to the respect of its candidates and the satisfaction of its clients.

Sylvie Toubol

Marketing Innovation in consumer goods / Sales management in an agency / Co-founder of Cherche Susan / Specialist in retail and brand strategy / CFO and incredible negotiator with an unfailing sense of humour. Her phrase: "We haven't create our company to ... "

Sandrine Maurel

Strategic Marketing in IT / New Business Management in Agency / Co-founder of Cherche Susan. The most creative of the team, fan of complex subjects and perfectionist. Never gives up. Her phrase: "If I were in the client's shoes..."

Yamina Moukah

Recruitment and Human Resources Consultant / New Business in Agency / Co-Founder of Cherche Susan. Behavioural specialist who likes to unearth temperaments and defend atypical profiles. Her phrase: " the CV is not everything, I believe in this personality”.


A proven

We work with a methodology and tools that ensure the success of our assignments. We accompany candidates throughout the process to put them in a position to choose our clients. We follow, with both parties, all the phases of an assignment from briefing to integration.


 Prior to the assignment, it includes a guarantee period.


Mission brief

It goes beyond the job description and integrates your culture and your singularities. We write it, you validate it.


Weekly update on the progress of the hunt and the candidates selected.


Candidate overview

Each candidate presentation gives rise to a detailed and argued report.


Mid-term integration report with the candidate and the client.



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You are attentive to the market, do not hesitate to apply, to follow the page and the Cherche Susan’s ads.